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Espectrometria de Massas

Q-Exactive is a hybrid benchtop equipment that combines a quadrupole with an Orbitrap mass spectometer. Obitrap has a fast scan speed and it can be used on identification and quantitation of many different compounds. The key applications of the Q-Exactive are on metabolomics, proteomics, clinical research, bioanalyses, petroleomics, forensic toxicology, environmental and food safety analyses. Orbitrap analyzer presents an ultrahigh resolution and the vacuum system can achieve a final value of 1x10-9 mbar. Internal mass accuracy is < 1 ppm RMS External mass accuracy is < 3 ppm RMS. Some other features are:

  •             Maximum scan speed 12 Hz;
  •             Intra-scan dynamic range: >5000:1;
  •             Quadrupole mass filter;
  •             Spectral multiplexing for enhanced duty cycle,
  •             S-Lens ion source for increased sensitivity.Qexactive
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